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Abundant Living Mexico Missions is helping to sponsor

Elevate Kidz Global - Oaxaca Project.

Elevate Kidz Global (E-Kidz) is a non-profit organization that empowers children to reach their full potential by helping them to overcome the lack of education, break the cycles of poverty, and prevail over a culture of injustice.  The mission is to rebuild the foundations of many generations; one child at a time.
In our preliminary phase we are sending 6 men to Oaxaca, Mexico to renovate a facility which will be the future site of our private school for 1st-8th grade children.  These children are children who do not attend school for various reasons, such as; forced labor, poverty, location, disabilities, or fear of trafficking.  Poverty forces children to work in order to improve their families standard of living.  In addition, many isolated communities do not have the adequate infrastructure to provide education.

Currently, 13.8% of the population has never attended school and 33.8% did not finish primary education.  Elevate Kidz Global is bringing change to Oaxaca! The school will be free of charge and consist of students who can not afford the basic needs or requirements to attend public school . The school will be a safe place where children can learn and be feed.
Our goal this trip (6/19-6/25) is to fully renovate a multi-purpose room (which will act as the main classroom), and 3 restrooms. Time and funds permitting, we will also renovate the cafeteria, making it easier to prepare & serve breakfast and lunch. By accomplishing this, the school will ready to open in late August 2016 & coincide with the public school schedule.
E-Kidz Global has been called to Oaxaca, Mexico.  Will you be part of something greater?  You can help us bring hope to the many children and families that have nothing left to hold on to.  Much is needed as it is essential to collect funds to cover the travel expenses and materials for the build.

Our goal for this trip is $9,000 ($1,500 per person).
All Donations are 100% tax deductible.
Any amount is appreciated. No gift is too small, nor too large.

     "Be the change you want to see in the World." - Mahatma Gandhi
Thank you,
E-Kidz Global Missions Team