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It was brought to our attention about a nearby Salvation Army shelter for abused women. We decided to stop there and found it had several needs. The first is always food, the 2cd is roof repair. What good is a "shelter" that does not provide adequate shelter?

Kulath Sakthi was inspired by some of the projects we have done over the years that started with Microsoft employees in SoCal, the house builds, and expanded to include the El Sauzal orphanage and other projects but he wanted to expand the footprint, extend the impact, and more importantly inspire others. Kulath said find the right project and I'll give you $1000 to make it happen.  He followed through and now it is our turn.

Oct 4th, 2014 - Complete!  2 rooms, 2 roofs, over 500 sq. feet and 5 volunteers later the abused women's shelter for the Salvation Army in Maneadero Mexico can now provide actual shelter and accommodate more women in need.






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Below was our first steps and introduction to this project

We will send some photos out after we fix this roof and let you know how it went. This project is scheduled, and funded. Then on to the next…