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This is a new program and we are starting very simply to help meet the basic needs of a limited number of families​.

  • Funds are not given to the sponsored family in the form of cash money. Instead, they are used to provide basic need items such as food, clothes, hygiene and medical supplies.
  • Families eligible for sponsorship have no known habits of abuse or addiction.
  • ALMMS will track funds received for each sponsored family or individual and you will be provided an annual receipt for your giving.
  • Buying in bulk is most cost effective for staple items. Funds will be pooled for those basic items and distributed equally. Sponsored families will receive specific-need items (above and beyond those staple items) up to the budget determined by their total sponsor donations.
  • If there is a specific item you would like us to buy for a particular family or family member, we can arrange that.
  • If there is a specific item you would like us to deliver for you, that is at our discretion depending on the size, value and timeline.

We will revise these guidelines as the program grows and becomes more complicated to ensure that it remains fair, manageable and serves the purpose for which it is intended. 

If a family or individual you are sponsoring is removed from the program, you will be notified.